• Maya-style private phyto-park

    The customer chose a fairly common theme “Mayan Civilization”. All elements and reliefs made by us were made of architectural concrete on the basis of the preserved Mayan architecture. The wreckage of architectural elements, wild rocks and trees, everything was done from the concrete-concrete by the method of manual molding. Stencils for reliefs were also made by our specialists.
  • Park in with. Landslide. Ukraine

    Our team was engaged in the manufacture of thematic objects for the park in the village. Landslide in Ukraine. Works on the creation of artificial rocks from architectural concrete, imitation of masonry on a rope town, a ventilation shaft decorated with wood were performed. We also produced numerous small architectural forms (LFA) for a golf course.
  • Central Park in Belgorod Russia

    In the city of Belgorod in the children's entertainment center "Tropicano" was developed and executed an amazing project for the reconstruction of the interior of the bar "Tavern". When creating the interior of the cafe, a theme related to the life of pirates was used. This idea is well reflected in the creation of the image of the bar, the decoration of the Banquet Hall "Deck" and in the paintings of the walls of the cafe. An artificial hearth, located under the stairs, makes it possible to feel the warmth and comfort of the place.
  • Pet Store in Gorky Park, Kharkiv

    The largest pet stores in Kharkov, the network of the company "ZooLand" decorated with decorations, made by our experts. So in the pet store on the territory of the park to them. Gorky, our team performed work on the decoration and painting of the building, the main focus of which is an iguana sculpture, located on the side facade.
  • Art objects in the park Gorky in Kharkov

    In the city of Kharkiv, the reconstruction of the central park to them. Gorky. For the company “Icon of Style”, which carried out artistic and decorative work in the park, our team performed a number of thematic objects that you can see in our photo gallery. These are entrance groups, rock compositions, decoration of facades, creation of small architectural forms (SAF).