Central Park in Belgorod Russia

Park in with. Landslide. Ukraine
The Entrance to the Marine Museum

Our team was engaged in the manufacture of thematic art objects for the children's part of the Central Park in Belgorod. The park is divided into several thematic zones: the Maya zone, the pirate (the most extensive zone), Africa, the cowboy playground and the "cars" (for the youngest ones). The park is full of a variety of thematic objects: this is the Black Pearl ship with sculptures of pirates, and the old Lighthouse (cashier’s room) and the tavern bar in the children's cafe. For each thematic area, we have developed and manufactured unique entrance groups. For the pirate zone, these are barrels and oars, Maya - stone columns with reliefs, Africa - totem poles with masks in the form of the characters of the cartoon "Madagascar", cowboy zone - cacti.

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